Jan Thomas Swim School, 50 years and still kicking!

Welcome to the Jan Thomas Swim School!

"A Five-Star Swim School" - USSSA

Picture of a child swimming underwater

Established in 1958, the Jan Thomas Swim School is the oldest and largest seasonal swim school in the United States.

The Jan Thomas Swim School has been located in Clovis, California for over 50 years. Prior to relocating to Clovis, Jan Thomas was a diver at the Los Angeles Athletic Club and taught swimming and diving in Hollywood and Beverly Hills at the famous Jen Loven and Crystal Scarborough Swim Schools, respectively.  Jan pioneered infant swimming in the San Joaquin Valley in 1956.

Jan Thomas and her staff have subsequently taught over 60,000 children to swim in a positive and loving environment.  They believe there is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than teaching your children these life saving skills.

Picture of a child swimming underwater

Jan Thomas is a past president of the United States Swim School Association and a USSSA Hall of Fame inductee. She served on the USSSA Task Force for Infant Swim Teacher Certification and is a charter member of the World Congress of Aquatic Babies Education.

Becky Thomas is not only Jan’s daughter, but is an active partner in the swim school.  She graduated from BYU with her BA in Family Science.  Becky works as our teacher/trainer, pool supervisor and instructor.

"Our goal is not only to teach your child to swim, but to be a HAPPY swimmer as well. We believe that love and understanding within a structured lesson will produce a safe and happy swimmer.  Our teachers love children, are well trained and our pools are heated to 90 degrees-a combination which produces a quality learning environment."
-Jan and Becky Thomas

Moving Forward

After 61,000 champion swimmers, the Jan Thomas Swim School has decided to change its focus. It will no longer be teaching swim lessons as of Au g 3, 2017, but instead will be spending its 60th year and beyond helping other businesses to grow and succeed, and giving to the community in other ways.

When Jan started the swim school 59 years ago, she had no idea it would turn out to be the largest and most successful seasonal swim school in the United States, or that she would be inducted in the United States Swim School Hall of Fame. She worked long hard hours (and still does to this day), developed an amazing method, and above all she continued to take a road less traveled by setting the bar high and never lowering her standards.

Jan and Becky

Integrity, love, and character were her trademarks, and she never wavered; little did she know that customers would travel from over 150 cities throughout the United States, even as far as Ireland and Taiwan to have lessons.

Becky Thomas, Jan's daughter, has been involved with the swim school for 31 years and has worked as her mother's partner for 26 years. Together they remained true to the principles Jan established early on and success has followed.

Over the years Jan Thomas and Becky have trained, taught and inspired over 600 employees who have learned to work hard and raise the bar in their own lives. "There is a loyalty and love that exists between them and their employees that is unlike any other. They know how to treat their employees and in turn their employees will do anything for them; they developed a rare and unique culture in the work place," said Kim Love who worked at the swim school for 1 5 years.

Jan's husband Blayne would continually remind her, "The most important thing to remember is that as you grow your business, you must always be a force f or good in the community." This mission will continue into their new endeavors. "Though we will not be teaching children to swim, we will take our extensive public speaking skills and our combined 85 years of business experience and help others through consulting and speaking engagements. “We will also be offering Character Scholarships in each of the five Clovis High Schools," said Becky.


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"Teaching children to swim has been our life for the past 59 years," added Jan, "and without a doubt we will miss loving, instructing, praising, and turning non swimmers into true champions. It has been our passion and love for most of our lives. We will miss each of our swimmers, their wonderful parents, and the best staff on the planet, but it is time to pivot in a different direction and help in other ways.

Further information can be found on Our Mission page"