Jan Thomas Swim School, 50 years and still kicking!



Jan Thomas

I am convinced you teach a lot more than swimming skills to these youngsters which carries over into many other aspects of their childhood development. It is really nice to have a person of your character and caliber teaching youngsters in the community" Pete Mehas (Former Superintendent of Clovis Schools)

I have known Jan Thomas for nearly two decades. She is an amazing woman, mother, friend, wife, and mentor and business owner. She is a highly respected member of the US Swim School Association, and past President and recipient of the Guiding Light Award, the highest honor bestowed upon a member. She was actually the first recipient, and the Award originated from her service and example in the Association. She is a regular and popular speaker at our annual meetings, and an amazing keynote speaker. I don’t know of anyone with more passion in the swim industry, or personal integrity than Jan Thomas. She is a true gem!" Nikke Miller Owner of Academy and Santa Clarity Swim Clubs

Jan Thomas

When I think of Jan I think “ENERGY.” When I first met Jan back in the eighties I thought to myself, “Here is a lady who is older than me, but can run circles around me as far as energy. I feel Jan puts out that “energy” to everyone that meets her.” She runs a first class operation and she makes more profit in her thirteen weeks of operation than most swim school make year round!" Jeff Purchin-5 Cities Swim School, Arroya Grande, CA

“There really is “Magic in the Water” at the Jan Thomas Swim School! Jan’s passion for excellence is seen and felt everywhere, in the beautiful facilities, in the energy and commitment of all of her staff, and in the amazing little swimmers who benefit from her efforts. There truly is nothing like the Jan Thomas Swim School for energy, enthusiasm and excellence. Thanks Jan, for setting the bar so high and showing us the way to run a great swim school, one with passion and purpose.” Sharron Crowley Aquaventures Swim Centre Vancouver, BC Canada

“Jan Thomas has touched thousands of lives. In her over 50 years of teaching children not only how to be safer, happy, great swimmers, she has taught them how to be champion people. The Jan Thomas Swim School stands as a model for providing the highest quality service to her community. Inspiring her staff to give only first class customer service and loving positive teaching, she has helped generations to love the water and learn the skills to be able to enjoy a lifetime of aquatic activity. Jan has also inspired hundreds of swim school owners and teachers with her uncompromising commitment to excellence-myself included.” Johnny Johnson, President Blue Buoy Swim School Tustin CA

Jan Thomas

“Early on, Jan set the example of assisting struggling, small swim schools who attended our national conferences. She encouraged all of us to take an interest in helping each other to be more successful in the ‘learn to swim’ business. While other national associations deal with competitive and jealousy amongst their members, the USSSA is a family committed to helping each of its members individually and corporately. Jan Thomas started this trend. The generosity of her heart and wanting the best for others has guided Jan Thomas as she has grown her swim school company to a level of national recognition. Her habit of selfless service to others and high standards resulted in her election as the President of the US Swim School Association and later as the Hall of Fame recipient for that same organizations.” Jan Emler President Emler Swim School Colleyville TX